Cyberthum Bhutani Floor Plan


Tower A

Cyberthum bhutani Noida 140 A

Tower B

Cyberthum bhutani Noida 140 A

Assurance of Handpicked Bhutani Cyberthum Floor Plan For Commercial Building

Are you looking for the best investment option that assurance you the high return of investment ever? Well, it would be great to spend your money on a valuable asset. In other words, the selling price of your selected product could not be dropped at any cost. To keep these facts in mind, property investment would be the preferred option. Among the range of those properties, commercial property is the best way to earn monthly income rental rather than residential property asset.

Understand Customers' Demand First

The demand for commercial property is higher in metro cities rather than common cities. Having completed the outbreak of Covid 19, Noida will be a big contributor to let many multinational companies settle their business unit. When it comes to select the best commercial builder, you can discuss your business development requirement with this developer. They are committed to providing luxury, style, entertainment facility to their value-added customers. The Bhutani Cyberthum Floor Plan reflects the basic understanding of what you find unique and universal architecture style in a retail office.

  • Cyberthum Floor Plan consists of tower A and tower
  • Determination of tower A and tower B is road facing and plaza facing respectively
  • For professional rental convenience, they offer the fire and lift lobby

Final Property Deal

To final the property deal, perspective customers must see what specification should be added in this project. This is the fact that retail office price is not as affordable as a mid-income targeted house unit. However, each customer can get more ultra-luxurious facilities whose payment would be offered, realty expert. It may be possible that you cannot attain much profit as you expect. On the contrary side, you can get the best return of income over invested capital value. There would be a scarce chance that your invested property come into the circumference of the rescue operation.


Legend-Lower Ground
  • Entrance To Site
  • Drop-Off Feature
  • Entrance Plaza
  • Open Restaurant Area
  • Water Side Seating
  • Musical Fountain
  • Performance Deck / Stage
  • Dome Feature
  • Flea Market / Street Cafes
  • Display Event Area
  • Amphitheatre Seating
  • Water Feature
  • Shopping Street
  • Arrival Court
  • Picnic Area
  • Basement Ramps
  • Fire Tender Access Ramps
  • Surface Parking
  • Site Exit
Cyberthum bhutani Noida 140 A


  • Terrace Walkway
  • Deck Area
  • Water Feature
  • Amphitheatre
  • Lawn Area
  • Planters With Trees

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